It’s normal for fresh almond milk to split/separate when it’s been in the fridge for a while. Just give it a shake! Our almond milks DO NOT contain any stabilizers or emulsifiers. They’re 100% natural. So drink up!

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Almond Kulture




Hand crafted fresh almond milks and other goods made locally in Pasadena, California. We strive to sustainably bring you quality products, while holding true to the Kulture of almond living. Nothing wasted, nothing over looked. Keep yourself posted on our upcoming products as we expand our kulture and yours…

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Artisanal LA

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Next up…. Artisanal LA

Taste, shop, sample and learn while supporting the local economy and local artisanal vendors at our seasonal show and pop-up shops. Artisanal LA is a pop-up community event with weekend long seasonal shows and shops celebrating the city’s finest local, sustainable and handmade edibles.

Come join us this weekend April 26-27!


Farmers’ Markets

We are currently available at two Farmers’ Markets here in Southern California.

1) Altadena Farmers Market every Wednesday from 4pm-8pm


Here’s a link to the farmer’s market with all their details. Β It’s nestled right at the foothills which provides the perfect setting for a wonderful spring evening out with the fam! Come one, come all!!!


2) Downtown Santa Ana Farmers Market every Thursday from 4pm-8pm